How The Wilds Came To Be.

We are; Karen Ruane, Wallis Levin, and Kelly Thiel. Three women. Three creatives. One vision for a collaborative community. Nice to meet you!

The ladies of The Wilds met while each working on independent businesses, in a shared studio space. They were instantly drawn together by a mutual positive energy and shared entrepreneurial vision. Aside from being strong and independent artists, they all believe in the power of collaboration and shared wisdom. 

As such, it didn’t take long for these three women to dream up a vision for a coworking space where artists, photographers, designers, writers and other creatives are not only able to work in a warm and welcoming environment, but can give and expect support from their fellow creatives.

They came into this project with strong work ethics, creativity and great energy. However, it was only after they came together with one shared vision, that The Wilds, and all its potential, stood a chance at becoming more than just a dream. This is coworking at its finest!