Welcome to the wilds!

The Wilds is Bend, Oregon's first hybrid coworking and art studio space! We cater to creatives, be they fine artists, makers, designers, writers, photographers, or anyone else who considers themselves a creative worker. Our environment is designed for the independent creative; well lit, comfortable, and conducive to collaboration and inspiration. We eliminate all the distractions of working from home or the coffee shop, and then add in free coffee, speedy wifi, group luncheons, and awesome people. 


Located in the Century Center on Bend's West side, The Wilds is planted in an old warehouse that's been completely renovated with glass garage doors exposing great northern light, skylights, exposed wood beams, bright white and clean walls, ADA compliant restroom, and more. Fun fact: They used to make balsa wood model airplanes in here!

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When you step into The Wilds, you should instantly feel the creative energy. We've designed our workspace to be inviting, warm, bright, and healthy. Well lit, simply furnished with modern but warm furnishings, and with an abundance of greenery to keep our air fresh and our souls nourished, this place is an oasis for the independent worker. Movable walls keep the space flexible, yet allow for just enough privacy for putting your head down. Members enjoy several types of work space; from a cozy sofa or armchair, to a desk with ergonomic chair, to a stand up work station - we make sure you'll find the best conditions to be productive and comfortable!

Some of the amenities

  • Secure keypad entry and drop-cam monitoring
  • Free Morning Coffee
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Group luncheons/brunches/meet & greets
  • Business Class WiFi
  • Take/teach classes and workshops
  • Meeting Room; with hours included for residents
  • Special member-only events, art openings and parties
  • Work among an awesome collection of creatives minds!

interested in membership?

Visit our Membership page for details on availability and pricing. 


 Our meeting room can seat up to six and has a beautiful table by Natural Edge Furniture!

Our meeting room can seat up to six and has a beautiful table by Natural Edge Furniture!