Glob It On with Fruit and Veggie Paints!

Join Ashley, the founder of Glob Colors food-based paints, for a colorful, fun-filled class with all-natural paints!  She created these paints to be safe for kids, using all pigments from fruits and veggies!  

Trained as an artist, Ashley has a keen eye for color and thought of this amazing way to create a range of safe colors for children and adults.  She also has other products in her line - even Easter Egg dyeing kits!  Glob Colors have been seen on the Today Show, as well as in Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart magazines.  Even Alanis Morissette says it's her "mommy must-have"!

The class is meant for children ages 5-9, but anyone can register.  Stations will be set up and students can rotate through to test their talents in different areas.  Each student will also receive a take home paint kit as a gift.  This entire class is only $20 - a price that cannot be beat!!

Email Ashley at to register.