Passive Income for Artists

Passive Income for Artists

Are you an artist who would like your creations to start working for themselves? Take this class to find out how to make passive income from your designs. We will discuss options such as:

·      Stock Art

·      Tutorials

·      Merchandise

·      Affiliate Programs

·      E-books and Online Courses

·      Licensing

·      And more!

This class is perfect if you have old designs lying around, new work that you’d like to sell in different ways, or you just need more income streams.

Workshop cost is $45
About the Instructor:

Samantha Barsky is a Northern California native who recently moved to Bend. She is the creator behind note•ify, an eco-friendly, city-inspired paper products and soft goods company.

Her first collections were inspired from the photos she took on her families’ farms in Michigan, which she starting selling on Etsy in 2006. Then in 2010, she decided to bring it a little closer to home by documenting the city she was living in, San Francisco. Because the city collection took off, she made a business decision to expand to other cities. Now in her seventh year of business, her products can be found in approximately 50 retail shops around the country.